Planning a sustainable garden (Hale)

What you will learn: In this short course, you will learn how to plan your garden to minimise the environmental impact by conserving energy and resources and gardening in harmony with nature. You will learn how to carry out a garden survey and site analysis and how to incorporate your chosen garden features into your plan.
At the end of the class you should be able to: Plan a garden to suit your needs using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. Incorporate plants and garden features to attract beneficial wildlife. Design a planting plan to allow you to maintain your garden with minimal inputs of energy and materials. Recycle garden and kitchen waste through effective home composting. Collect and conserve rain water. Grow fruit and vegetables using the organic no dig method.
What happens in the class (format/activities): There will be a number of different activities during the classes including illustrated presentations to show current trends in sustainable gardening, group discussion and analysis and individual tasks allowing you to acquire the skills and knowledge required to plan your garden successfully.
Entry requirements: An interest in gardening and a desire to plan your garden sustainably.
What you will need to know before you enrol: There’s nothing to do except turn up with an open mind, ready to learn and enjoy!
What you will need to bring with you: Pen, paper and drawing materials (sketch pad)
What you can do after this course: We are continually planning courses and across a number of stores. When you get a minute, please come back and check out the pop up college website for updates.

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Planning a sustainable garden(full price)


Planning a sustainable garden(concession)


When: Monday From 18th June to 23rd July Between 7pm and 9pm Where: Costa Coffee 5-6 Century House Ashley Road Hale WA15 9SF Cost: Full Fee: £60.00 Seniors: £60.00 Concessions: Free for those on means tested benefits
Costa Coffee, 5-6 Century House, Ashley Road
Hale Hale
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