20th Century Art History & Appreciation (Altrincham)

What you will learn In this course, you will gain an appreciation of the beginnings of modern art in the 19thcentury, and its developments through the 20th century. You will learn how to identify the styles within famous art movements like Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art and much more, as well as the artists themselves and the life experiences that made them create such distinctive work. As well as being able to recognise the styles and techniques attributed to specific artists, you will learn how to decipher artwork and recognise different visual elements such as line, shape, tone and much more, giving you the confidence to view art in a more informed way.
At the end of the class you should be able to: If you’ve always wanted to know more about art, you will be able to develop an increased awareness of the vocabulary that can be used to describe key elements of a particular artist’s works. If you are already involved in the creative arts you will be able to view art with a new appreciation, identifying particular styles and techniques that can be used to develop your own artistic work.
What happens in the class (format/activities) There will be lots of different activities during the classes including plenty of opportunity to critically examine the message that a particular artist is trying to express through their chosen medium. As well as group discussions and analysis, you will complete tasks that will stretch and challenge your pre-conceptions of what defines art as good or popular and explore specific vocabulary to help you express what you see and feel.
Entry requirements No prior knowledge of art is required and you should just want to learn more about this wonderful subject.
What you will need to know before you enrol There’s nothing to do except turn up with an open mind, ready to learn and enjoy! In terms of equipment, nothing fancy is needed, just the basics like pen and paper.
What you will need to bring with you: Nothing fancy and just the basics are needed (Pen and paper).
What you can do after this course Lots! If you found this introductory course enjoyable, you can progress onto our other art appreciation & history courses, examining different cultures and focussing on other artists, art movements and well known work. New courses are being scheduled all the time so make sure you come back and visit the pop up college website regularly for updates

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Starts: Mondays From 18th June to 23rd July Between 7pm and 9pm Where: Costa Coffee 28 George Street Altrincham WA14 1RJ Cost: Full Fee: £60.00 Seniors: £60.00 Concessions: Free for those on means tested benefits
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